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America’s Parade

There are few traditions as quintessentially American as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. From its very first run in 1924, the parade was a massive hit. Today, the parade no longer features live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo, but it does feature premier marching bands from across the country; live dancers, including the famed Radio City Music Hall Rockettes; and an array of floats and enormous balloons cascading across the sky as the procession makes its way from 77th Street and Central Park West all the way down to 34th Street and 7th Avenue. This year’s line-up of iconic cartoon character balloons will see a few new additions, including Chase, the intrepid canine leader of PAW Patrol, and the goofy and lovable Olaf of Frozen fame (if you’re not familiar with Chase and Olaf, just ask the nearest 6-year-old; you’ll get an earful). Rounding out the parade, of course, will be that Jolly Old Elf himself, Santa Claus, here in his magical sleigh to officially ring in the Christmas season. We hope you’ll join us, whether on the street or in your home via NBC’s live broadcast, on Thursday, November 23, to enjoy one of the greatest parades on earth.

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