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Scare Up Some Fun in Greenwich Village

The sun is setting earlier and earlier, the air is brisk, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. But first, a night of mischief! The dead return to walk among the living, and little ghouls and devils scurry from house to house, collecting buckets full of candy. Here at the Hotel Hugo, we’re excited to be on the cusp of the 45th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. On Wednesday, October 31, thousands of partiers will convene in the Village to watch and participate in the parade, which will include artists, dancers, live bands, puppeteers, and countless ordinary New Yorkers who’ve dressed up in their scariest, most outrageous costumes. Wanna march too? Just wear a costume. Better still, dress for the parade’s theme, “I AM a robot!” and take your place among the special contingent honored to march alongside the parade’s Grand Marshal. The 45th Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade will begin at 7 P.M. at 6th Avenue and Canal Street and will run till around 8:30.

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