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The Window Art of 5th Avenue

New York’s 5th Avenue is the premier spot to do all your holiday shopping. Even if you’re not looking to empty your pockets, you still owe it to yourself to stroll down the avenue and enjoy the many spectacular Christmas window displays. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll discover:

1 | Macy’s. Before Santa can come sliding down the chimney, there are many preparations to be made. Macy’s display, entitled “The Perfect Gift Brings People Together,” showcases six different family traditions that lead up to the big event.

2 | Barneys. The five windows at this posh retailer depart from customary Christmas themes this year to bring you mind-bending depictions of earth across the eons. Four stages of the planet—Primordial, Utopia, Millennium, and Mushroom Singularity—are illuminated using stunning LED wizardry.

3 | Lord & Taylor. Five scenes are displayed as if set inside massive snow globes: a mystical wintery forest, a pair of polar bears at play, NYC on a starry night, a 19th-century circus act, and the Jolly Old Elf himself enjoying a little holiday fun.

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