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International Pillow Fight Day

Grab your pillow and get to Washington Square Park for the world’s fluffiest fight. Redefining bedlam, thousands of people in costumes and pajamas will celebrate International Pillow Fight Day by doing just that—pillow fighting! The fun-filled revelry begins in the afternoon on April 6th—just look for a cloud of feathers— and lasts until participants have had enough. Stand by and watch if you’d rather not participate, and bring a pillow to donate to a local homeless shelter.

If you’d like to know what you’re getting into first, check out a video online. Other parks and squares around the city will no doubt be filled with fluff, too, so drag your pillow to wherever it’s convenient. But don’t miss the spectacle, wherever you choose. If your mother ever told you no jumping on the bed, now’s your chance! Take your best swing and leave the feathers on the street.

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